Frangelico Snaps

Frangelico Snaps

This is my Italian version of the British brandy snaps. And the only reason that I say that it’s “Italian” is because I am using Frangelico instead of brandy. MMM… hazelnut liqueur.

I probably ate more of this batter and whipped cream than I did the actual snaps. It’s just so smooth and buttery. If you make these, have a spoonful of batter. Worth it.

These are great to make as an easy dessert to bring to someone’s place. They’re very impressive looking. And who doesn’t like crunchy beautiful sugar tubes filled with whipped cream, and, not to mention, flavored with Frangelico. Impressive.

With this recipe, you can also make edible bowls for ice cream! Here, to make the snaps, I shape the still warm snaps around a rolling pin handle. But you can lay four of them around a bowl and let them harden in that shape… boom, edible bowl. Or even a cone perhaps.

This recipe calls for golden syrup. It’s very British and there really aren’t any substitutions for it. I apologize, but I’m sure you can find it in the grocery store. I found it at The King’s in Cresskill, NJ… you’ll find it.

Get creative with these!

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Frangelico Snaps

Makes about 15 snaps

For Snaps:
5 TBSP unsalted butter
5 TBSP granulated sugar
3 TBSP golden syrup
5 TBSP all-purpose flour, sifted
1 TBSP Frangelico, hazelnut flavored liquor

For Filling:
2/3 cups heavy cream, cold
1 TBSP Frangelico
1 TBSP powdered sugar
Preheat oven to 325 deg F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. 

Place the butter, sugar and golden syrup in a saucepan over low heat. Stir occasionally until the mixture is smooth and uniform. Remove from the heat and let cool slightly in the pan. About 2 minutes.
Add the sifted flour into the butter mixture in 2-3 additions. Mix well with a wooden spoon or wooden spatula after each addition. The batter will thicken. Add the Frangelico and mix well. 
Using a spoon, drop about a tablespoon of batter onto the baking sheet. Allow a lot of space spreading. They will spread about to 3 times their size. You will have to do this in batches. 
Place in the oven for about 10 minutes or until they are golden brown. 
Once you have removed the trays from the oven. Wait about 30 seconds to a minute and then lift the snap, one at a time, and wrap it around a wooden spoon or rolling pin handle. They are fairly hot so be careful. If you find that the snap is too hard and brittle to wrap, place back in the oven for 45 seconds or so. If they run into each other, just run a knife through the snap when it comes out of the oven to separate them. 
If you’ve cracked and broken some… no worries… top some ice cream with the pieces. 
When they have firmed up, remove them and leave them on a cooling rack. 

For the filling:
Whip the heavy cream, Frangelico, and powdered sugar until thick in an electric mixer fixed with a whisk attachment or with an iron arm, whisk, and cold bowl. The colder the heavy cream the easier it will whip. 
Fill a piping bag or regular zip lock bag with the whipped cream. If using a zip lock bag, snip a small corner off the end of the bag. Pipe the cream into the snaps. Enjoy =)